History of Rotary International and The Rotary Club of the Wreake Valley

A Chicago lawyer called Paul Harris started the very first Rotary Club on the 23rd of February 1905 with three business friends.The Rotary Club of the Wreake Valley was founded in 1987 by the Rotary Club of Leicester. Since then we have been involved in many local, regional, national and international projects. You can find out more about our recent and current activities on other pages of this website. 

Here are comments by some Wreake Valley Rotarians which give a flavour of who we are and what kind of things we do.


Graham Packwood:" I joined after attending several meetings as a guest. I was reluctant at first because it clashed with my skittles night, but I found I really enjoyed it. What do I ge out of it?...fun, friendship and the great satisfaction of being able to help in some way local, national and international causes. Being involved helps me to forget my day to day concerns! The one thing that will remain with me is receiving my Paul Harris Fellowship for my service to Rotary."


Tom Clarke: " There have been many memorable events  as a Wreake Valley Rotarian for me but one of the most moving was when we bought a special bed for young Michael Matuska of Syston.

Michael was about six years old and was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 1988. As his condition deteriorated and as he grew bigger his family found it increasingly difficult to get him in and out of bed. It was clear they needed a special, adjustable bed that could be raised and lowered: there was of course a waiting list!

Our club had funds and we agreed to buy the bed. To this day I can remember the look on his Mum and Dad's faces when I told them we would get the bed for them. It made me proud and humble that we were able to help. Sadly, Michael died in 1999,aged 16 years of age as a result of his illness. The bed was passed on to another family."


Peter Dalton:  "I have been a member of three Rotary Clubs in over thirty  years as I have moved around the country. I get great satisfaction from being able to contribute to the work of Rotary and try and live by the Rotary motto of "Service above Self".

Two projects in particular stand out. One was the provision of an ambulance for use by Hope and Homes for Children, a charity for severely disabled children in Oradea, Romania. The other is the ongoing work with the Chernobyl Children in this area. I also enjoy the social interchange with Rotary Clubs in Europe. If you want to make a difference and have fun doing so, we are the organisation for you!"



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